Diving Center La Aguja
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Diving Center La Aguja


La Aguja Diving Center

West of the capital, the insular platform is composed of a wide variety of flora and fauna and stunning coral formations, whose walls and small caves provide shelter for fish and shellfish. The seabed of the coast opposite the city, staggered down to the underwater abyss. The best dive sites are between 5 and 35 meters deep and show gorgonian gardens, meadows sponges, different species of coral and shipwrecks that have become home to a great marine biodiversity.

Recommended immersion points: La Cueva, Santa Fe Canto, Singing Biriato, umbrella Baracoa, Las Choapas, Canal del Salado and Head Flayed.

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Tel: (53 7) 2097270/ 2045280



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