Diving Center Playa Giron
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Diving Center Playa Giron


Centro de Buceo Playa Girón

Operator: Cubanacán

Teaching: ACUC

Ships: The dive is done from shore. No boats are used.

Tanks: Steel and Aluminum 12 liters

Cursos: Open Water, Advanced and specialties.

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Nearest hospitals: Clinical-Surgical Hospital “Julio Aristegui” in Cardenas 187 Km and 222 Km Naval Hospital in Havana.

Immersion points: 11

Diving area: Open water diving in flooded caves and cenotes brackish cave-system linked to the Zapata Swamp and multilevel diving constitute the uniqueness of this area. Dives are made directly from the coast, where immediately elkhorn corals, brain, sea fans appear; corals leaf, stars, columns, bridal bouquets and tube sponges in the company of many schools of multicolored fish and crabs. Arriving at veril appears another great distinctive appeal: a steep wall with depths up to 40 meters, which are attached sponges, gorgonians and corals large.

Recommended immersion points: El Brinco, El Obelisco, El Ebano

For reservations: Telf.:(53 45) 987284(UBE ¨Náutica¨) (53 45) 984110 (Hotel Playa Girón)

E-mail: uebnautica@enet.cu, director@hpgiron.co.cu, recepcion@hpgiron.co.cu, dcomercial@peninsula.tur.cu, comercial@peninsula.tur.

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