Diving Center Marea del Portillo
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Diving Center Marea del Portillo


Dive Center Marea del Portillo

Operator: Cubanacan

Teaching: ACUC, SSI

Ships: Taxi boat 25 x 25 c / motor yacht Yamaha 60 HP and c / up to 20 divers.

Compressor: Bauer FL

Tanks: Steel and aluminum 12 and 15 liters

Courses: Instructor Courses Open Water and Open Water

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Hyperbaric chamber: Military Hospital “Joaquín Castillo Duany” in Santiago de Cuba.

Immersion points: 26

Zona de buceo: It is a large diving area that is part of the National Parks landing of the Granma and Sierra Maestra comprising from Cabo Cruz to Rio Maceo, with a coral reef in the state of virginity. All points have in common a varied presence of different species of tropical fish, huge sponges, colonies of black coral, elkhorn corals, brain, leaves, stars, sea fans and gorgonians. The greatest treasure, considered National Heritage constitutes the wreck Christopher Columbus and others belonging to the fleet of Admiral Cervera and English schooners sunk during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Spanish galleons.

Recommended immersion points:Tornado, Guajaibolo, Chivirico, Ball, Michel Tunnel, Boca de Toro, Cabo Cruz, El Real and wreck Columbus.

For reservations: Telf.: (53 23) 59-7139 / 59-7008/ 59-7182 Fax: (53 23) 59-7080

E-mail: comercial@marea.tur.cu, nautica@marea.tur.cu

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