Santa Lucía
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Santa Lucía

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    Santa Lucia is located on the north coast of Cuba, 110 kilometers from the capital city of Camagüey, fourth of the first seven towns founded by the Spaniards.

    Place blessed by nature; It extends for 22 kilometers from Punta de Ganado to Playa Los Cocos, the latter area very appreciated for the extension of its strip of sand and the sense of privacy it provides. Caressed by the Atlantic Ocean, the typical color of its waters and the proximity of one of the most extensive coral formations in the world differentiate it from other beaches on the north coast of Cuba.

    This territory invites to the enjoyment of numerous nautical options such as walks and excursions that will allow you to know its natural beauty, its caves and caverns and the rich variety of marine flora and fauna. Diving is one of the fundamental attractions, there are about 35 dive sites in which you can find wrecks of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In the territory you can snorkel in different areas, kitesurfing, as well as other activities that will make your visit to Santa Lucia an unforgettable experience. Here, in addition, you can enjoy diving packages, introductory courses and courses with international accreditation with certified instructor-guide-multilingual services under the ACUC standards. In Santa Lucia two types of fishing are carried out; trolling and bottom fishing. Santa Lucia has a Santa Lucia Marlin Nautical Base and the Shark’s Friends International Diving Center where you can observe how they feed impressive bull sharks with their own hands.

    Precisely, the entrance to the Nuevitas Bay is the space that separates Santa Lucía Beach from one of the most interesting places in the vicinity: Cayo Sabinal.

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    The Shark’s Friends International Diving Center has a professional team with dive masters who speak English, Italian and German. It is located on the beach between Brisas Santa Lucía and Gran Club Santa Lucía and offers dives, certification of open waters and can be observed as they feed impressive bull sharks.

    November to January is the best time for shark or dive boats to depart every two hours between 9 am and 3 pm every day

    Different diving courses are offered for beginners and experienced divers in which a national or international certification is obtained under the ACUC standards.

    You can make dives in 35 dive sites where you can observe marine flora and fauna, sunken ships and beautiful corals between 5 and up to 30 meters deep.

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    The Marlin Nautical Base also promises high carats fun whether you are a seasoned fisherman or amateur enthusiast: four simultaneous lines will allow you to capture dorado, barracudas, saws, wahoo, cuberas and other species while exchanging information and experiences with an excellent and professional crew during navigation .

    Two types of fishing are carried out in the territory of Santa Lucía and always under the tag and release method: trolling and bottom fishing and several target species can be caught, such as dorado, barracuda, snapper, cubera, rabirrubia, snapper and grouper. all year in boats DC-8. The navigation that is carried out with the objective of fishing the troll with 4 fishing lines simultaneously takes place along the coast of Santa Lucia. This offer includes the rental of the complete boat with four fishing lines, the accoutrements, fresh and artificial bait, open bar, music and crew.

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    Santa Lucia offers tourists a variety of excursions to satisfy different tastes. On these excursions the tourist can snorkel and see flamingos and dolphins in their natural environment. Some of these excursions also provide lunch and include music, entertainment, open bar, guide and board games on board.

    Coral Tour

    Being in Santa Lucía Beach and not visiting the coral formation is losing much of the charm of this place, so do not miss the opportunity offered by the Coral Tour to recreate a spectacular session prepared by the crew in which you will have the possibility of Take photographs and get information about a very peculiar marine species in its own habitat: the starfish. In addition, you will have an hour to practice snorkeling in the coral formation, where there is abundant tropical flora and fauna, in crystal clear, shallow waters, with optimal visibility and maximum security.

    Playa Bonita Tour

    An unforgettable day in a wonderful paradise of sun and beach will be the sensation you will experience when sailing on a catamaran to Playa Bonita, a nautical excursion that runs along the coastline of Santa Lucía Beach until arriving at a practically virgin island: Cayo Sabinal. Do not miss during the trip the spectacular change of color in the waters that transform from a delicate emerald green near the beach, where the draft does not exceed three meters, to an intense dark blue in the deep waters of the bay channel . You can also enjoy a delicious lunch in the rustic restaurant of Playa Bonita based on seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits and excellent Cuban coffee. The benefits of the beach on that side of the island will make you feel the discoverer of a new and unexplored world.


    Sunset is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. If you enjoy the sea, in the inlet of Playa Los Cocos, and aboard a boat that offers a delicious seafood dinner, the occasion becomes simply irresistible. Do not miss this opportunity when you are in Santa Lucía Beach, book in the sale booths from your arrival.

    Iguana Tour

    If you like to admire the wild fauna in its natural environment, Iguana Tour is the ideal excursion. Become a modern corsair when, aboard a comfortable boat, sail the waters that embrace the Santa Lucia Beach and approach the ruins of Fort San Hilario, unable to contain the incursions of pirates in the area during colonial times . You can also enjoy an hour of snorkeling and photographing dolphins, very common at a certain time of the year, in the interior of the Bay of Nuevitas. As if this were not enough, lunch takes place in an environment of singular beauty: an island in the middle of the bay where you can see jutias, birds, native trees and especially iguanas, who are not afraid to pose meekly for the cameras.

    Walk along the coast

    Walk along the coast of Santa Lucia from La Boca and up to the area facing Residencial, reaching the east end inside the barrier.

    Dinner at sunset

    Walk along the coast of Santa Lucia with the fall of the Sunset while waiting for dinner. Anchoring of the catamaran in some area of ​​the littoral in front of Santa Lucía with seafood dinner

    Snorkeling in turtle hat

    Navigation of approximately 1 hour and a half by the Litoral de Santa Lucía, to the vicinity of Faro Colon; snorkel for 45m in Tortuguilla where you will enjoy the seabed of that place, then visit the shores of Cayo Sabinal for another 25m before returning to the pier.

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