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From October 22 to 26, 2019 at the “Luna Luna” International Diving Center, located in Rancho Luna Beach, Cienfuegos, in the southern central part of Cuba, the Underwater Photography Festival, known by its acronym FOTOSUB 2019, will take place. where underwater photographers from all countries participate openly.

The Faro Luna International Diving Center has a vast diving area of ​​approximately 3.5 nautical miles. The main attractions are the presence of caves, channels and cracks that form authentic labyrinths. It highlights the existence of a column-type coral formation called for its elegance, size and majesty “The Lady of the Caribbean”. In the area there are also more than 10 sunken ships, very well preserved. With various manifestations of caves, tunnels and passages, together with a prolific fauna of significant variety of colors makes this scenario a unique place for the practice of underwater photography. That is why FOTOSUB 2019 has endorsed this environment and invites you to live an unforgettable experience.

The funds of the International Luna Luna Diving Center keep the clearest contrasts for underwater photography because of the transparency of its waters, which allows visibility of up to 30 meters in longitudinal distance at depths of 25 and 30 meters. In its clear and generally calm waters, and considerable funds are reached without moving far from the beach, you can find about 50 species of corals, a fairly healthy biomass and a wide biodiversity, all of which makes the coast a space rich in species sighting possibilities, refers. This is the stage for the FOTOSUB 2019 underwater photography meeting where underwater photographers from all countries will participate openly with the only requirement to comply with the event regulations.

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