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  • 55413b1623bf7Located on the southern coast of central Cuba, Cienfuegos has one of the best bays bag the Cuban archipelago. Founded in 1819 on the site now occupied by the Martí Park, boasts remarkable sites heritage values, among which the Terry Theater; Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Provincial Museum, City Hall, the College of San Lorenzo and the palace Ferrer. Cienfuegos invited to enjoy numerous nautical options: marine services offered safe harbor for boats up to 4 meters deep, life aboard charter with boats that have facilities and necessary conditions for a pleasant stay on board and snorkeling equipment, diving with more than 40 excellent dive sites within 10 minutes farther from downtown. Practically you can browse the entire year since the prevailing wind is from the east. Cienfuegos has the tourist marina Marlin Marina Cienfuegos and two CIB: Faro Luna and Guajimico.

  • 55007701101bdCienfuegos has fishing boats 41 feet in length with experienced crew. The fishing area stretches from the coast, the Gulf of Cazones, Bank of Jagua and Canarreos area. Practically you can browse the entire year since the prevailing wind is from the east, except when they threaten tropical cyclones.

  • 5535525acc7cfThe tourist marina Marlin Marina Cienfuegos provides secure boats up to 4 meters deep with 44 berths with water service, electricity, fuel, shipchandler, minor repairs, toilets, refuse collection, diving, fishing, pilotage port, rent crew, accommodation, restaurant, snack bar, excursions, taxis, car rental, pharmacy, medical services, marine hardware, shops and international telephony.

  • 553554accf4b2Cienfuegos offers tourists rides and tours of one of the most beautiful bays in stock in the country with its 88 km2, calm waters and nature coexist in harmony to give visitors the natural attractions found in southern Cuba. Here you can see great natural attractions including the visual highlights of the Escambray mountains and fishing villages and the Perche Castle. The sailing tour includes a visit to indoor keys.

  • 553555af8d29bLife on Board service starts leaving from the Marlin Marina Cienfuegos, sailing west or east to enter the archipelago Canarreos or Jardines de la Reina, depending on the direction taken, both destinations are formidable diving sites , fishing, snorkeling, arrivals to cays with exotic beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. The boats have all the comforts cabins / 2 bathrooms, pantry with food and equipment to develop conditions for a pleasant stay on board and snorkeling equipment.

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