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  • 55413b82682bdThe province of Granma enclosed within its territorial limits Granma Landing National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and the Turquino National Park. Bayamo, the provincial capital, was declared a National Monument in 1978. In the province of Granma out as water attractions CIB Albacora, located in Marea del Portillo. This coastal area has a cove sheltering an excellent beach with dark sand. Seabed has the same characteristics to be located in the same ecosystem of the easternmost part of the island: high separate hummocks by narrow buckets, upholstered fossil beautiful invertebrates that form caves and tunnels where fish, crustaceans and molluscs refuge . Among its treasures of great historical value are two wrecks of the fleet of Admiral Cervera, an old galleon of 36 guns with round bales and Christopher Columbus, both appreciably well preserved. Towards Cabo Cruz, in the extreme southwest of the eastern region, fabulous scenery around the coral formations there, elkhorn corals, gorgonian sea fans and a pleasant profusion of fish they are located open. Cayo Blanco also point out as yacht Granma territory.

  • 554238afa20e6Seafari Cayo Blanco

    It includes: Shuttle bus and boat, nautical guide, beach clubs with water nonmotorists, open bar and lunch on grilled lobster.

    Capacity: 80 paxs

    Duration: 5 hrs

    Frequency: 4 times / week.

    Short description: During the tour the client can enjoy the boat shuttle for 40 minutes, a white sand beach with lifeguard service, deckchairs, non-motorized water, swim and enjoy the coral reef, the shade of thatched sheds and grape creek and a barbecue lunch with open bar.

     Safari Open Sea

     Vessel that is performed: Yate Buena Vida

    Capacity: 20 pax

    Frequency: 2 times / week.

    Duration:   5 hrs

    It includes: Nautical guide, fishing gear, open bar on the boat and fell, equipment for snorkeling and lobster lunch.

    Short description: Yacht tour along the coast where guests enjoy nature, coral reef, receives instructions from fishing and also has the ability to do so, with a short stay at Cayo Blanco for lunch and enjoy the benefits of it and then continue browsing.

  • 554239878e323We rent boats for fishing days 3 hours up to 4 people from the fifth a charge is paid.

    The method is trolling with chances of catching beautiful, needles, albacore, mackerel, jiguabas, barracudas, saws etc.

    Ships: Yate Buena Vida

    Frequency: Daily

    It includes: Nautical guide, fishing gear, open bar.

    Sunset Cruise

    Vessel that is performed: Yate buena vida

    Frequency: 4 times / week

    Duration: 2 hrs

    It includes: Open bar, snack and nautical guide.

    Short description: Departure from the pier Portillito with nautical guide and tour of the lagoon and the bay of Marea if weather conditions permit music on board, snack, open bar and animation where customers enjoy, dance and take pictures of the environment.

    Contact information: Tel.: (53 23) 59-7139 / 59-7008/ 59-7182   Fax: (53 23) 59-7080,

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