Marlin Marina Cienfuegos
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Marlin Marina Cienfuegos

  • Operator: Marlin Cienfuegos.

    South coast of Cuba, Bay of Cienfuegos, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos.

    Location: 22° 02´.00” N; 80º 27´.42” W

    Radio communication: VHF: 16 y 19

    Berths: 44

    Draft: 3,5 m


    Phone: (53 45) 66 8060, 66 8066


    LAT. 22° 18´ LONG. 80° 28’

    44 berths. 4 drafts.

  • Enjoy Life on Board with Marlin Marina Cienfuegos administration: Platten Sailing Cuba, Blue Dream Sail Yacht Alboran and Caribean.

  • Services: Mooring, electricity (three phase 380V and 220V single-phase and 110 V), fuel supply (Diesel), potable water, shipchandler, minor repairs, toilets, refuse collection, diving, fishing, piloting, crew hire, accommodation, restaurant, snack bar, tours, taxis, car rental, pharmacy, medical services, marine hardware, shops and international telephony.

  • Cienfuegos Bay has beautiful views of the coastline and from the sea, it has been customary for many to navigate its placid waters and enjoy the charms of this bay from another angle. Normally the tour includes the boardwalk” area of Punta Gorda, watching the bluegreen landscape that makes up the bay and the Escambray, Cayo Carenas and the channel entrance to the bay, where you can visit castles and Jagua Pasacaballos. Seagulls are the perfect companion for the day, and the sunsets are wonderful.



    On this tour guests will admire along the way the coastline of the city of Cienfuegos internationally known as the Pearl of the South” with all its buildings and monuments including the pier and the port area, the Escambray Mountains and Keys bay. It includes a pattern and professional sailor, two soft drinks and national music.

    Duration: 2 hours

    Frequency: Daily

    Schedule: Upon request.

    Boat: catamaran 50 ft / 39 ft yacht

    Crew: Skipper and sailor



    Operator: Marlin Cienfuegos

    Boat: Yacht Bay of Cienfuegos, one of the most beautiful bays in stock in the country with its 88 km², calm waters and exceptional nature live in harmony, to give visitors the most beautiful visual of South Central from Cuba. Contemplation of the sun, will provide a unique experience.

    Transfer: No

    Departure: Daily

    Schedule: 18:00 pm

    Tel .: (53 43) 55 1699 55 1275 55 1241 55 6120




    Operator: Marlin Cienfuegos

    Boat: Catamaran Flipper The departure is from the hotel dock Jagua. Circuit along the coastline and Cienfuegos boardwalk that provides an overview of various attractions of the city: the Monumento de la Punta, Hotel Jagua, Club Nautico, Blue Palace and the city. Somewhere in the middle front of the boardwalk, the ship makes funding from where you can enjoy one hour open bar with national drinks and two optional hours until 24:00 hours, accompanied by excellent animation and music.

    Transfer: No

    Departure: Daily

    Schedule: 21:00 to 24:00. Boarding from 20:30 pm

    Tel .: (53 43) 55 1699 55 1275 55 1241 55 6120

    Email:, operativo@nautica.cfg



    Operator: Marlin Cienfuegos

    Boat: Catamaran yacht Flipper This circuit begins with a circumnavigation around the Cienfuegos bay from where you can see great natural attractions including the visual highlights of the Escambray mountains and fishing villages and the Perche Castle. It also landed in Cayo Carenas and Fernandina de Jagua fortress visit. Lunch is taken on board Cove Jucaral here you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh water springs that sprout haphazardly at sea. It includes one hour of open bar and ends at the Pier Hotel Jagua.

    Time: Full

    Transfer: No

    Departure: Daily

    Schedule: 09:00 to las16: 00 hours

    Tel .: (53 43) 55 1699 55 1275 55 1241 55 6120

    Email: comercial@marlin.cfg,

  • Booking information

    Phone: (043) 556120


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