Ciénaga de Zapata
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Ciénaga de Zapata

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    Biosphere and Ramsar site, is one of the most important ecosystems in Cuba and the largest and best preserved wetland in the entire insular Caribbean. Located on the southern coast of Matanzas province, it stands out as a unique product of its kind on the island. Plain relief, excel in geography Hatiguanico the basins of the rivers and Hanábana, which empties into the Laguna del Tesoro, one of the largest in the country. On its shores are flooded caves and cenotes ordinary beauty. It is an attraction of choice for those who like diving in the open sea wall and brackish water flooded caverns linked to famous caving-lake system. Zapata has four international centers Diving: Octopus, Punta Perdiz, Playa Giron and Caleta Buena. For its natural potential, also it offers ample options for practicing sport fishing. In Salinas tarpon, bonefish and snook are plentiful. fly fishing is done.


    Located in the Cienaga de Zapata, World Biosphere Reserve since 2000 and Ramsar Site since 2001. Located in the Zapata National Park, which occupies an area of over 5,000 square kilometers and is the largest and best preserved wetland all the Caribbean islands. Is a national, regional, and global natural reservoir, holder of fragile ecosystems and important natural resources.

     Accessibility: It is accessed by highway 172 kilometers from Havana, 115 kilometers from Varadero and 85 kilometers from Cienfuegos.

     Features fishing destination: Due to its geographical features it is provided with areas of great scenic beauty and very prized for sport fishing species. Fishing guides are technically trained and accumulate a great experience with clients from all latitudes.

    Mode: Catch and Release

     Technique: Fly y spinning

     Points and fishing scenarios:

    Las Salinas: It is a large saltwater lagoon shallow where there are a large population of bonefish, pompano and barracuda. Fishing is done from flat-bottomed boats. The recommended technique is to fly.

    Fishing capacity: 4 daily fishermen.

    River Hatiguanico: Born into a giant source of fresh, clear water and flows into the cove of Broa, species such as tarpon and snook are characteristic of this area.

    In its course other species. Fishing is done from the boat and recommended techniques are fly and spinning.

    Information of interest:

    Capacity fishing: 6 daily fishing

    Fishing season: All year, although best from May to December

    The accommodation is guaranteed at the fishing camp Horizontes Don Pedro or Long Hotel Horizons, which will facilitate the ideal conditions for welcoming and accompanying fishermen during fishing days Playa.

    Contact information.

    Address: Carretera Playa Giron, 1 ½ km, Matanzas, Cuba.

    Phone: (53 45) 91 2825; 91 3324, 98 7212 ext. 106, 987284


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