Marlin Marina Heminguay
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Marlin Marina Heminguay

  • Operator: Marlin Hemingway.

    Straits of Florida, north coast of Cuba, Havana.

    Location: 23° 05´3” N; 82º 30´ 5” W

    Radio communication: VHF16 y 72, HF 7462

    Berths: 170

    Draft: 4,3 m

    248 Street and 5th Ave., Playa, Havana, Cuba

    Phone: (53 7) 204 5088, 204 6848


    LAT. 23.088 LONG. -82.487

    170 Berths. 4 Drafts.

  • Operators: Marlin Marina Hemingway y Marlin Tarará

    Fishing areaLocated in the waters of the Gulf Stream of Mexico, along the Havana coast, between the shoreline and 12 miles and between longitude 82 00 E and 83 00 W. This area forms a corridor of pelagic fish, which is close to the Cuban coast. Area Cojímar this corridor is almost less than a mile away from the coast. Each year, at the Hemingway Marina during the months of May and June the International Tournament of Marlin Fishing Ernest Hemingwayit is organized.

  • Services: Mooring, electricity (220 v 110 v), supply fuel (diesel and gasoline), water, shipchandler, minor repairs, hiking, diving, fishing, piloting, crew hire, car rental, taxi service, restaurant, snack bar, bathrooms, pharmacy, medical services, marine hardware store, international telephone, Internet, refuse collection, housing and cable TV.

  • If you are of those who love active rest in Cuba seas await you. The calm, clear water with little waves most of the year, the weather pleasantly warm, high Safe Seas and the traditional hospitality of the people of costs, guarantee excellent days seafaris and other excursions in marine scenarios protected by extensive reefs, coves , coves and natural landscapes of stunning beauty.



    This tour will allow you to see the Havana coastline and lush colonial fortresses of Havana, as well as bathing in this coast. Includes output from Marina Hemingway to navigation east to the port of Havana (where you can see the Malecón, colonial fortresses of El Morro and La Cabana) or west from the coast to watch the capital and its landscapes. It includes a pattern and professional sailor, open domestic drinks, music and bath time at sea bar.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Frequency: 8:30 am / 2:00 pm

    Vessel: Yacht 33 ft / 41 ft yacht

    Crew: All times and days Pattern sailor.



    The Safari is an exciting excursion for sea lovers combining fishing, sunbathing and snorkeling in the coral reef of Baracoa. The boat leaves from the Marina Hemingway patterned and professional sailor, runs through the Havana coastline to fishing, he moved to the coral reef where guests can swim, snorkel and have a bath time. The Seafari includes baits fishing instruction to learn how to fish, fishing gear, mask and snorkel, fins, life jackets, open bar with national drinks, lunch and music.

    Duration: 6 hours

    Frequency: Daily

    Schedule: 8:30 am

    Boat: yacht 33 ft / 41 ft yacht.

  • Booking information

    Phone: 204 6848 / 204 5088


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