Diving Center Cayo Levisa
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Diving Center Cayo Levisa


Diving Center Cayo Levisa

Operator: Cubanacán

Teaching: ACUC, SSI, CMAS

Ships: 2 boats, for 8 and 20 divers

Tanks: Steel 12 liter and 15 liters

Courses: Open Water Instructor and Open Water

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Nearest hospitals: Naval Hospital “Dr. Luis Díaz Soto “Hospital 150 Km and CIMEQ

Immersion Points: 23 points

Diving area:Cayo Levisa belongs to the archipelago of Los Colorados, which crowns the north coast of the province of Pinar del Rio, the westernmost province of Cuba. Their dive sites are north. The coral reef is located northwest of the key shows high values varied sessile fauna and fish that inhabit it, the range of shapes and colors, and its excellent state of preservation are impressive. Coral formations abound massive star, brain coral, hillocks of coral, sea fans, feathery sea fans, tube sponges, ramosas fluffy, and tropical fish such as parrots, barbers, black sea bream and grouper. There is also the presence of wrecks of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, all accessible and archaeological interest.

Recommended immersion points: La Cadena Misteriosa, El Arco de Ludovico, El Infierno, La Corona de San Carlos, La Poza de los Tiburones, La Espada del Pirata, El Paraíso Perdido, El Valle de las Esponjas, La Cueva de Lorenzo y La Pequeña Gruta.

For reservations: Telf.: (53 48) 75-6501-03/ 75-6507 Fax: (53 48) 75-6506

E-mail: comercial@cayolevisa.tur.cu

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