69 International Tournament of Fishing of the Needle Ernest Hemingway 2019: tourism and sport in Cuban waters
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69 International Tournament of Fishing of the Needle Ernest Hemingway 2019: tourism and sport in Cuban waters


Considered one of the oldest events of its kind in the world and the most important in Cuba, the International Fishing Tournament of the Needle Ernest Hemingway successfully developed its 69th edition until June 15.

In the waters of Havana’s Hemingway Marina, 18 teams from 11 countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Japan, Cuba, among others, competed for the best capture of species of peak among which find the caster (blue marlin), sailfish, the Pacific needle, under the rule of tag and release (mark and release) in order not to damage any specimen.

In conversation with TTC, Marina Hemingway public relations specialist Dargel Machado, explained that the event was dedicated especially to the 500 years of Havana, so the fishermen did not come to the tournament just for their passion for fishing but also to know the cultural attractions of the city.

For that reason, a rest day was included in the program for activities of that nature, many of them organized by the official receptive of the contest, the Ecotur Travel Agency.

The specialist highlighted that as part of the competition there were three days of long fishing and a short one for the subsequent evaluation of the results by the jury of the Cuban Federation of Sport Fishing, which already certified the photographic cameras with which they were made. images of the species captured before being returned to the sea. The photos were taken along with a special sticker delivered to each vessel and the captures were informed by radio in order to record the time.

Interestingly, he stressed that fishermen used circular hooks, which easily leave the mouth of the fish and if not, they are easily degraded with saltpeter.

Organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, the Cubasol Business Group and the Marlin, Nautical and Marinas Company, the Ernest Hemingway International Fishing Tournament held its first edition in 1950 and since then it has been held uninterruptedly for fishing enthusiasts Sports and Cuba.

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