Parque Nacional Jardines de la Reina
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Parque Nacional Jardines de la Reina

  • 553f7f41e9e7cNamed after Christopher Columbus, this string of islands, guarded by ocean currents and a rich coral reef is considered one of the important marine sanctuaries in the Caribbean. The Jardines de la Reina National Park is located on the southern coast of central-eastern region of Cuba, in the provinces of Ciego de Avila and Camagüey, for its natural values, this gem is proposed by UNESCO as World Heritage site Marino . Jardines de la Reina, is one of four island groups that make up the Cuban archipelago, endowed with great biodiversity is among the best preserved marine ecosystems in Cuba and the Caribbean. It consists of a chain of 250 virgin coral islands that stretch along 75 miles of turquoise waters. Covered by typical vegetation which include thick mangroves and small palm trees that are home to several species of seabirds, jutías and iguanas. The beaches in the south, are the most important spawning ground for four Cuban species of turtles. This is an important destination for diving and sport fishing, internationally. Jardines de la Reina has the Marlin Nautical Base Jardines de la Reina and IBC Avalon.

  • 5509d2961aa18Jardines de la Reina National Park is in the middle of the Caribbean sea, 50 miles off the southern coast of Cuba. Its geographical location far from the coast, the absence of contamination and the limited number of anglers who have access to the archipelago, make nature preserve intact the typical species abound Shoals and the Caribbean barrier.

    80-mile radius of fishing zones Avalon Fishing Center, commercial fishing is not practiced, providing a guarantee of success for the fans who visit it each year. fly and spinning: In this area two types of fishing are made. You can fish species such as tarpon, bonefish, permit, snapper, snapper, barracuda, mackerel, steal, etc. in seasons from January to September and from October to November in specialized vessels for fly fishing and spinning mode.

  • 5509d43acee83For the mode of life on board this destination has four boats.




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