Diving Center Covarrubias
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Diving Center Covarrubias


Diving Center Covarrubias

Operator: Cubanacán

Didactic: ACUC

Ships: Swift Boat with 85 HP Yamaha engines

Courses: Open Water are taught by the instructor.

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Divers: 2 Star Instructor courses and 1 Divemaster.

Nearest hospitals: Military Hospital “Joaquín Castillo Duany” 320 km

Immersion points: 21

Diving area: Presence of black corals, elkhorn, brain, leaves, stars, sea fans, tropical fish dogfish, saws, groupers, snappers, snappers, trumpet fish, barracudas, and other.

This dive site is characterized by abundance of walls and in them different types of sponges are observed, not seen in other funds in the country, black and coral caves with brunettes presence and abundance of different varieties of colorful tropical fish, the well preserved coral reef with depth of 1-2 meters and wide variety of fish, lobsters and Cobos of different sizes.

Sub Crazy new equipment, scuba tanks aluminum and steel 12 liters, regulators and wetsuits.

Recommended immersion points: Aquarium 1, 2 and 3, the Fund Student 1 and 2, La Corona, Canarreos, Los Poseidians 1,2,3 Fund fans, Anchor, Los Patabanes, Cuevas sponges, curve, wall , El Toro, Las Pailas, the Posas of Snapper, the boat.

For reservations: Telf.: (53 31) 51 5530 Ext.-204, 206, 340

E-mail: comercial@brisascova.ltu.tur.cu animacion@brisascova.ltu.tur.cu

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