Marlin Marina Cayo Largo
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Marlin Marina Cayo Largo

  • Operator: Marlin Isla de la Juventud.

    Isla de la Juventud, Cayo Largo

    Location: 21° 35’ 00” N; 81° 33.95” W

    Radio communication: VHF: 16 y 19

    Berths: 60

    Draft: 4 m

    Archipiélago de los Canarreos

    Phone: (53 45) 24 8214


    LAT. 21° 35’ 00” N LONG. 81° 33.95” W

    60 Berths. 4 Drafts.

  • Weather conditions and environmental characteristics allow developing offshore fishing in specialized yachts with crews of vast experience, with maximum capacity of 4 anglers and 4 companions per vessel, with sessions ranging from 4-8 hours.

  • The international pier provides services for all marine craft of flags of other countries, whether private or charter, with a maximum capacity of 30 berths and a draft of 3.5 m. Among the main services you found customs, immigration, port, health, medical, booking air tickets and hotels in Cayo Largo, Havana and Varadero, selling visas, fuel, water and electricity services shipchandler.

    Services: Phase electricity (220V and 110 V, 30 A 60 cycles), supply fuel (diesel and gasoline), potable water, shipchandler, minor repairs, taxis, rent car, bar, restaurants, lodging, shops and tourist attractions in the marina.

    Contacts: Tel.: (53 45) 24 8212, 24 8221


  • The marina has a wide range of activities linking entertainment with living nature, creating attractive propositions for customers who arrive at the destination.



    Catamaran excursion from 09:00 hrs. It will allow you to spot iguanas in their natural habitat, time snorkeling in the coral reef which has a high natural conservation value, tour of the fourth channel and time dip in the limpid blue Sapphire Women Arena. open bar and lunch sailor aboard. Return at 16:15 hrs.



    Enjoy one of the most spectacular sun set in the western hemisphere, with dissimilar colors in the sky over turquoise waters. Output port at 14:30 hrs., Watching iguanas in their natural habitat, snorkeling in the coral reef, beach time in the natural pool of the Fourth Channel, visit the Women of Arena to enjoy the sunset. Dinner on board with lobster, open bar. Return at 19:15 hrs.



    Trimaran tour to a virgin key with a unique animal life, departing from the port at 09:00 hrs., Time snorkeling in the coral reef, visit to Cayo Rico with buffet lunch and beach time. Return at 16:15 hrs.



    Travel one hour by boat, an experienced guide rides, through the first channel, Canal tour Window, crossing northern Cayo Iguana, walk through the Second Channel, visit to the Island of Stars sea and return to port.

  • Booking information

    Phone: (045) 248 133 / 248 214


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