Diving Center Sierra Mar
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Diving Center Sierra Mar


Sierra Mar Dive Center

In general, the depth of the diving area is 5 to 35 meters, a variety of corals and marine species, are Angelotes, Blondes, gorgonians, sea fans, tube sponges, barrel sponges, coral lettuce, shell Coral, Coral eyes, Coral starry, Coral fire Pallet Coral branched fire, Coral pencils, Coral finger, orejón Coral pot of deer, Coral brain coral columns, Grunts, Cajisotes, Parrots, yellowtail snapper, angelfish are also appreciated Queen, French angelfish, blue Cromas, Cromas gray, striped Isabelita, boar, sunfish, Barbers, barracudas, moray eels, crabs and lobsters. In points near the sea bottom are the remains of the ships Vizcaya, Oquendo and Colón, warships that were part of the Spanish fleet that was sunken by American ships in 1998 during the Spanish-Cuban-American war.

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