Diving Center Punta Perdig
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Diving Center Punta Perdig


Diving Center Punta Perdiz

Operator: Cubanacán

Teaching: ACUC

Ships: The dive is done from shore. No boats are used.

Tanks: Steel and aluminum 12 liter

Courses: Open Water, Advanced and specialties.

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Nearest hospitals: Clinical-Surgical Hospital “Julio Aristegui” in Cardenas 146 Km and 181 Km Naval Hospital in Havana.

Immersion points: 11

Diving area: Description snorkeling area: This point is located in the Bay of Pigs, about 100m from the restaurant Punta partridge. You can reach it easily through a small beach and a pier Alejo popularly known as El Moro.

It consists of tunnels and walls that descend stepwise. It has an extensive arenaso full of small coral formations with a depth of 2 meters and extend to the edge of health.

In this place of great beauty, abundant different species of corals, sea fans, sponges, large fish and schools of colorful tropical fish. Due to its characteristics, this dive is one of the most important and popular attractions Zapata Swamp.

North point, along the coral ridge 6 meters deep slope, is a wreck small size is of great appeal to have impregnated underwater life. The incursion by its small engine room and the cellar is very popular.

Since December 13, 2014 in the center you can see the unique underwater gallery of contemporary Cuban art, composed of enameled vases made by important Cuban visual artists as well as an exhibition of canvases painted under the sea and subsequently placed Visitor Center attached to the CIB Punta Perdiz.

Enriches the collection Visitor Center underwater pictures of prominent diver and underwater photographer Daniel Pérez Local and also has information technology for specialized activities as well as a shop offering souvenirs and accessories related to diving and sport fishing.

The center has new and modern technology Cressi brand and has gained fame for underwater weddings.

A restaurant, very attractive because of its design that simulates a ship, offers services as a buffet and open bar.

Recommended immersion points: Los Cocos, Alejo El Moro, El Coral

Information for reservations: Telf: (53 45) 98 4110; 98 4117 y 98 4118

Fax: (53 45) 98 4117

E-mail: uebnautica@enet.cu, director@hpgiron.co.cu, recepcion@hpgiron.co.cu, dcomercial@peninsula.tur.cu, comercial@peninsula.tur

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