Diving Center Faro Luna
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Diving Center Faro Luna


Diving Center Faro Luna

The International Diving Center Faro Luna, belonging to the company Marlin Marina Cienfuegos, has an area of approximately 3.5 nautical miles, where you will find 40 excellent dive sites, most distant from less than 10 minutes away from the dive center. Seabed have calm waters, with a horizontal visibility of 25 m and a comfortable temperature (average 26 ° C throughout the year). In this area you will find six shipwrecks with excellent marine life conservation and inserted, with access to swim inside, standing in the presence of the majestic coral reef, coral called Notre Dame.

Recommended immersion points: the crown, the Labyrinth, Camaronero III, Notre Dame, La Patana, English Cable and Rancho Luna.

Booking reservations:

Tel: (53 43) 551699/556120



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