Diving Center Caleta Buena
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Diving Center Caleta Buena


Diving Center Caleta Buena

Operator: Cubanacán

Teaching: ACUC

Ships: The dive is done from shore.

Tanks: Steel and aluminum 12 liter

Courses: Open Water, Advanced and specialties.

Oxygen equipment: Yes

Nearest hospitals: Clinical-Surgical Hospital “Julio Aristegui” in Cardenas 195 km and 230 km Naval Hospital in Havana.

Immersion points: 11

Dive area: Open water diving in flooded caves and cenotes brackish cave-system linked to the Zapata Swamp and multilevel diving up to 25 meters up the uniqueness of this area. Dives are made directly from the coast, where immediately elkhorn corals, brain, sea fans appear; corals leaf, stars, columns, bridal bouquets and tube sponges in the company of many schools of multicolored fish and crabs. an abrupt wall, which are attached sponges, gorgonians and corals large: to get to the other major veril distinctive appeal appears.

Information for reservations: Telf. :(53 45) 987284(UBE ¨Náutica¨ (53 45) 984110 (Hotel Playa Girón)

E-mail: uebnautica@enet.cu, director@hpgiron.co.cu, recepcion@hpgiron.co.cu
dcomercial@peninsula.tur.cu, comercial@peninsula.tur.cu

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