Nautic Base Marlin Trinidad
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Nautic Base Marlin Trinidad

  • Base Nautica Trinidad offers its customers a number of activities, which you can enjoy with your family and remembered as a unique experience surrounded by the wonderful attractions that this base offers. Port contacts can be made through VHF 16 and then through the working channel 67. The base also provides water supply services, shipchandler, electricity 110V and 220V single-phase minor repairs. With a capacity of 6 seats funding we provide excursions, diving, fishing and car crew, snack bar, taxis, pharmacy and medical services through the International Clinic.


    Phone.: (53 41) 99 6205


    LAT. 21.7361” N LONG. -79.9952” W

    20 Berths. 2 Drafts.


    This tour will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the seabed in the coral reef The Mulaticas which extends along the southern coast of Cuba. You can also enjoy the company of a large population of fish on every dive because coral background tropical fish refuge to incredible sizes and amazing colors. It provides you with light equipment for snorkeling. It includes professional and vest crew.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Timetable: According reserve between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm
    Minimum capacity: 4 pax
    Maximum capacity: 8 Pax


    The walk along the Bay of Casilda allows you to observe the Cayuelos Peninsula Ancon and the large population of red mangrove in this area. You can also enjoy 1 hour of snorkeling on the coral reef that has an abundant fish population and provides you with light equipment for the activity. Includes professional crew, welcome cocktail and music.

    Duration: 2 hours
    Timetable: According reserve
    Embarkation: Yacht 33 ft / 41 ft yacht
    Minimum capacity:  6 pax
    Maximum capacity: 15 pax

    56572aa161265PUESTA DE SOL EN TRINIDAD

    Watch the sunset from the Ancon Peninsula is the most romantic thing you can experience. The sunset is a tour that will navigate along the coast of the southern coast catamaran or sailboat, and admire the fall of the sun in one of the most beautiful places of the coast Ancon. You can also enjoy a seafood dinner with shrimp enchilada, which includes water and a national drink.

    Embarkation: 47-foot catamaran / sailboat 36 feet
    Frequency: Daily.
    Duration: 2 hours.
    Maximum capacity: 60 pax.

    56573157cf031SEAFARI A CAYO BLANCO

    This Seafari allows you to watch Casilda Bay, adjacent Cayuelos lush vegetation red mangrove and sea birds with their songs and flapping welcome Cayo Blanco, a pristine island populated by iguanas and hermit crabs. You can also enjoy walks through the fall, snorkeling on coral reefs, observing coral fish species, multi-color, free time to enjoy the beach, hiking around the island, photo show with iguanas. Includes professional crew, open bar with national drinks, lunch and music.

    Duration: 7 hours
    Timetable: 9:30 am/ 4:30 pm
    Embarkation: Catamaran 47-foot / 28-foot yacht / sailboat 36 feet


    All outputs are made by the nautical base of Ancon. From the Bay of Casilda and bojeando the coast of Ancon is accessed areas from fishing to trolling and bottom, which take place near Cayo Blanco, while fishing days to fly are made in the Agabama river.

    Operator: Marlin Trinidad
    Phone.: (53 41) 99 6205 Ext. 114  / 99 6670

  • Booking information

    Phone: (041)996205


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